INTENSIFY Pleasure - 4-Pack

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Experience new and intense sensations with this pack of gels designed to up your pleasure. Reverse is a tingly, stimulating gel that works to tone and temporarily tighten vaginal tissue; Spot On has a silky formula that intensifies sensation in and around the nerve endings on the top wall of the vagina. Excite provides gentle tingles fluttering across your erogenous zones, and Numb is perfect for backdoor players. • Travel-Size (0.35 oz) Tubes • Includes Reverse Tightening Gel, Spot On Gel, Excite Gel, and Numb Gel • Reverse Tingles and Temporarily Tightens • Spot On Intensifies and Enhances G-Spot Sensations, Heightens Sensitivity and Pleasure, and Has a Smooth, Silky Texture • Excite Heightens Sensitivity and Pleasure, and Creates a Pleasurable Tingling/Cooling Sensation • Numb Relaxes Feeling to Allow for Easier Anal Penetration • Proudly Made in America